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Wysong.com Website Review & Ratings + Wysong Coupons

Wysong sells products that cater to persons who are concerned about giving their pets the best nutrition possible. Some animals are allergic to chemicals in processed foods. They display this allergy in several ways. Some may lose hair or be unable to eat, while others develop rashes.

The brand makes organic, holistic pet foods. Their catalogue of holistic merchandise is inspired by a desire to improve animal health.

They sell raw foods, canned foods and dry dog food and cat food. They also sell natural grooming products. One of their divisions sells holistic products designed for people.

The company sells high quality dietary supplements. Low quality supplements and pet food don’t supply the nutrients pets need. Their blood work will show how healthy they are and even without doing blood tests, their health status be seen in the glossiness or lack of it in their coat.

Wysong also has helpful aids such as chemical-free liter, utility scissors and estrus strips to help determine when an animal is ovulating.

Wysong: What makes it different?

Wysong is a brand that is centered on providing quality pet nutrition. It was developed by a vet to help animals. Dr. Randy Wysong is the company’s founder. He spent many years helping animals as a veterinary clinician and surgeon and shared his knowledge by lecturing at the college level.

The aim of the company is to make money and improve animal welfare. Making pet products that prolong life and improve health is just a part of the overall vision of Dr. Wysong. He has also written several books and scientific articles on human and animal health, including  “Living Life as If Thinking really matters”. Enthusiasm for helping others keeps him inspired and he keeps finding new ways to enrich life through his philanthropic foundation and his business. 

Dr. Wysong’s depth of knowledge and expertise in veterinary medicine were applied in the development of all the pet products. They do a lot of research on each item of merchandise they sell.

 All Wysong products are manufactured in house. They do not outsource it to any third party. 

Wysong vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Wysong)

Pet Guard is one of Wysong’s main competitors. They produce a wide range of cat food and other products. Pet Guard food products do not contain any ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin is a controversial chemical used both as a food preservative and a pesticide.

They use wholesome, fresh ingredients. All their food products are made with vegetables, meat, chicken and fish. They are balanced with the proper amount of protein, fats, chelated minerals and other nutrients. No animal by-products are used to make their pet food.

Wysong does not use vegetables in their cat food. They believe that cats should stick as closely as possible to the food that they would naturally eat in the wild.

Pet Guard carries a wide selection of canned food, dry food and supplements. They also sell treats and grooming products. However they do not carry many of the aids that Wysong carries, such as estrus strips.

Wysong: Pricing & packages

Wysong is one of the top brands when it comes to organic food for cats, horses, dogs and other animals.

Although their products are at the top end, the people who buy their products are convinced that the prices for the pet food and other items they sell are reasonable. They feel that the money is well spent and helps cover the cost of good health for themselves and their pets.

Their cat treats cost $10.19 for a 4.9 ounce package on average and $0.79 for a 0.28 ounce package.

This is not bad, especially since a 4.9 ounce bag of treats can last a while.

Wysong Epigen Dry Dog Food is the first and only starch free kibble pet food. A two pound bag costs $5.99. Customers who buy this product regularly can get up to 15% off their purchases.

Wysong: Product images & screenshots
Wysong Coupons
Wysong: Customer reviews & comments

Customers love the Wysong brand. They can see the changes in their pet’s physical well being after they switch to the brand. They think that the company delivers on what they claim, and make a quality, natural product.

“Wysong does have good quality control in their products. They also have supplements to add to raw food to help make it nutritionally balanced which is especially good if you are feeding a home made raw diet.”

Dr. Marie

"We are thrilled with the products. As humans, they are tasty & wonderful. But our real thrill comes with our pet ferrets. Your product saved our ferrets life. That is no exaggeration. He was less than one pound. Had irritable bowel syndrome and he was wasting away with horrible diarrhea. Likely an allergy to all the chemicals in the processed foods. We were just about to put him to sleep when someone told us about Wysong.”

"Thank you for putting on the market a fabulous food which ferrets truly enjoy. Ferret Friends Indian River County International (FFIRIC) considers your Wysong Feline Diet to be the number one Ferret Food in the United States."

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